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Mark Saba

writer, poet, artist, filmmaker


Now available! Ghost Tracks: Stories of Pittsburgh Past, my collection of short fiction from Big Table Publishing.

The stories in Ghost Tracks are indeed haunted, but not by poltergeists or any other supernatural monsters. Instead, these beautifully-rendered works of short fiction are haunted by memory and missed opportunities. Mark Saba excavates a city of Pittsburgh where the factories are still producing steel and the men still have to speak in shards of blunt metallic language, where shades of meaning hover like ghosts between the words. Craig Fishbane



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Calling the NamesAlso Now available! Calling the Names, my new book of poems from David Robert Books.

[In Calling the Names] Saba ties disparate experiences together with his overarching vision in moving and compassionate poems that create the bridge between life and death we all will cross. —Vivian Shipley

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Tipping Points by Mark Saba is a strangely engrossing tale. A masterful storyteller, he weaves the three first-person narratives into a beautiful tapestry. He balances and counterbalances the differences and the similarities of the characters until they reach a tipping point.Online Book Club

Painting a Disappearing Canvas is sublimity guaranteed to linger. Pittsburgh Post -Gazette

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