Mark Saba


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print books

Two Novellas: A Luke of All Ages / Fire and Ice
(fiction, Adelaide Books, 2020)


Ghost Tracks: Stories of Pittsburgh PastGhost Tracks: Stories of PIttsburgh Past
(fiction, Big Table Publishing, 2017)


Calling the NamesCalling the Names
(poems, David Robert Books, Cincinnati, 2017)

Painting A Disappearing Canvas
(poems, Grayson Books, West Hartford, 2012)

Thaddeus Olsen
(novella in Desperate Remedies, Apis Books, London, 2008)


The Landscapes of Pater
(novel, The Vineyard Press, NY, 2004)



"Judith of the Lights"
(epic poem) in Three Women: Touching The Boundaries of Life
(Mellen Poetry Press, Lewiston, 1996) Mellen Poetry Award




Letters from Novosibirsk (FREE!)





The Shoemaker










Tipping Points


Tippint Points







"A Poem for Joan" in Magnum Opus Anthology
"The Other Side of the World" and "Spencerian Script" in Tuesday Night Live: A Gathering of Curley's Poets
"Free" in di-vêrsé-city Anthology, Austin International Poetry Festival, 2017
"The Year I Didn't Write" in Contemporary Poetry: An Anthology of Present Day Best Poems (Chaswal & Chaswal, 2014)
Italian translations of three poems from Painting a Disappearing Canvas:
"Fire Burned Through the Sacred Heart of Jesus," "A Garden of Refuse," and
" The Immensity of Being," in Almanacco (Raffaelli Editore, Rimini, 2013)
"Poets Are Bad for the Economy" and "Lost Voice" in Poetic Voices Without Borders 2
(Gival Press, 2009)
"He Was a Poet And When He Died" in Poetic Voices Without Borders (Gival Press, 2006)
"These Are The Boys We Send to War" in Poetry for Peace (Sandstar Publications, 2002)
"Steinbeck in Nantucket" in Nantucket: An Anthology (Whitefish Press, 2001)
"Days of Love" in Essential Love (Grayson Books, 2000)
"Enrichetta Is Singing" in Elvis in Oz: New Stories and Poems from the Hollins Creative Writing Program (University of Virginia Press, 1992)


"The Mindful House" in Roll: A Collection of Personal Narratives
(Telling Our Stories Press, 2012)


literary magazines


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"That Hill" in The Folio Club 7 (2013)
"Raquel and I" in The Folio Club 6 (2012)
"Tracings" in The Folio Club 5 (2011)
" View" inLitro (UK) (July, 2011)
"National Biscuit Company" and "The Magnolia Branch" in The Folio Club 4 (2011)
"Censored" and "The Shoemaker (excerpt)" in The Folio Club 3 (2010)
"Dual" in The Folio Club 2 (2010)
"Asthma" in The Folio Club (2009)
"Ada" in Fiction (2003)
"Renewed" in The Midnight Mind (2003)
"Eva" in Phantasmagoria (2002)
"Pax Christi" in Confrontation (1988)
"Tracks" in South Dakota Review (1984)


"Duck Blood Soup" in Ocotillo Review
"This Is How We Die" in Literature Today, Vol 8
"War" in Ginosko (Issue 12, online, 2012)
"Where Writers Live" in New Haven Review (2010)
"Inconspicuous Nonconsumption" in The Folio Club (2009)
"The Music of Being" in Palo Alto Review (2006)
"Why Study Art?" in Under The Sun (2003)


"Entrepreneurs" in The Sea Letter
"Schizophrenia" in Muddy River
"Lisianthus" in Tiny Seed
"If TIme Heals Old Wounds" in Boston LIterary Magazine
"Why So Many Gorgeous Clous" in The Galway Review (online)
"God Lives in the Heart of a Tree" in Literature Today (Chaswal & Chaswal, 2014)
"Reverend Edith" at
"Fair Enough" in Caduceus (2010)
"Saint Blaise" and "Operating on My Daughter's Heart" in The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine (online, 2009)
"Upon Rediscovering My Ancestors' Home in an Ancient Italian Town" in Feile-Festa (2009)
"Last Words" in Connecticut Review (2008)
"Tree Tectonics" in Steam Ticket (2007)
"Driving Away from New York City" in FutureCyle Poetry (online and print 2007)
"Gorky Park, 1986" in Poetry Repair (online, 2006)
"My Mother Straightens Her Babushka," "Creole Woman with a Black Parasol," and
"The Purple Heart" in Louisiana Literature (2005)
"Sam" in Palimpsest (2005)
"The Poem Altar" and "A Convocation" in ByLine (2005)
"A Pittsburgh Christmas" in Paper Street (2004)
"Gertrude Grace," Tuesday Morning," and "Heaven on The Apple" in Caduceus (2004)
"Heaven on The Beast" in Xanadu (2004)
"Polish Men" and "I Love Your Tears" in Caduceus (2003)
"Dreams" and "Dismembering The Swing Set" in Palimpsest (2003)
"At Medugorje" in Mars Hill Review (2003)
"What Stirs The Creation" in Voices in Italian Americana (2002)
"Doing Push-ups" in CPR International (2001)
"Prayer to Thomas Merton" in U.S. Catholic (1999)
"Lines" in The Larcom Review (1999)
"First Light" in Wings (1997)
"Maria Antonia Waits for Her Twin" in The MacGuffin (1995)
"Negli Abruzzi" in Connecticut River Review (1992)
"A Love Poem" and "The Magnolia Branch" in Mildred (1991)
"Lights from San Francisco Bay" in Kentucky Poetry Review (1991)
"On The Eve of My Mother's Liver Transplant" in Ledge (1991)
"Nan" in Permafrost (1986)
"To Buffy Who Cried at First Seeing Snow" in Artemis (1984)
"Lost Song" in Jeopardy (1984)


poetry video

Ten Poems
directed by Mark Saba
original musical score by Alphonse Izzo.

He Was a Poet And When He Died (2004)
directed by Mark Saba
videography by Mark Saba and Jerry Domian
edited by Doug Forbush
original musical score by Istvan Peter B'Racz
Shown at:
2nd Sadho Poetry Film Fest (New Delhi, India, 2009–10)
Ilumé: An Alchemy of Text and Image (Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, 2005, curated by Gerard Wozek and Mary Russell)
ArtsAHA! (Omaha, 2005)
Kehler Liddell Gallery (New Haven, 2005)
Finalist in USA Film Festival Short Film and Video Competition (Dallas, 2005)
HeSCA (Health & Sciences Communications Assoc.) annual meeting (Denver, 2004)
See stills from this video.